Witness for the Prosecution

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The 2rd play of the 2000 season.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files WP#.tif and jpg files WP#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.

Photo List

1.Myers questioning Vole "You killed her!" Vole restrained by guard. (David, Tim Greg J.) (WP1)
2. Robard asking about relationship of Mis. French and Vole(David and Brad) (WP2)
3. Myers asking Romain about previous marrage (Tim and Angela) (WP3)
4. Robard questioning Romain about the cuffs (Angela and Brad) (WP4)
5. Opposing council arguing a point in front of the judge (Brad, Tim and Bob) (WP5)
6. Posed shot at witness table, Vole telling tale to Robarts and Mayhew (Tom, Brad, and David)(WP6)
7. Posed full stage shot of the courtroom (everyone)(WP7)