The 3rd play of the 1990 season.

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Photos are stored as tif files rum#.tif and jpg files rum#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
(Act II)1.Opening tableau of 3 princes(Tom, Joe, and Alan) (rum1)
2. Party. (everyone) (rum2)
3.Most of the cast. (rum3)
4.Lenny telling Ernie what he wants while Cassie telss Chris something and Ken tries to make a call while trying to sooth his bad tooth.(Cathy, Michael, Ellyn, Amy, Fred, Tom, and Patrick) (rum4)
5. Lenny chatting up Claire and Cassie while Glenn watches(Michael, Cathy, Fred, and Ellyn) (rum5)
6.Cassie and Glen dance(Ellyn and Michael)(rum6)
7.Ernie explains while Cookie looks on the floor(Jeannette and Tom)(rum7)
8.Claire and Lenny in pain while Ken listens(Cathy, Patrick and Fred)(rum8)