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Radio Gals

The Fifth play of the 2001 season. Run: September 5 - October 8

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files Gals#.tif and jpg files Gals#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below. The black and white tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (B&W). The color tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (color).

Photo List

1. Act II posed. Quennie take me home posed at microphone.
2. Act II posed. Buster he's a hotdog now...
3. Act II posed. Royal Radio Posed Ameria w/fiddle in front of microphone w/band
4. Act I posed. Edna the Elephant Girl parading thru the parlor
5. Act I posed. A fireside, a pipe and a pet.
5.1 Same without Kelly
6. Act I posed. Wispering pines. The nuts around the mircophone.
6.1 Act I posed. Close-up of Hazel with the Horehound in her chair.
7. Act I posed. Faries in my mother's garden
8. Act I posed Dear Mister Gershwintapping away; Gladys w/micr.
9. Act I Posed Retirement party speech
10. Act I posed Reader mail with Hazel reading a fan letter
11. Act I posed. Gladys at microphone with the "moon & stars" around her
12. Old Gals