The 3rd play of the 1994 season.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files pyg#.tif and jpg files pyg#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
1.Henry Higgins, Mr. Doolittle, Eliza and Colonel Pickering discussing the bet.(Greg, Brad, Kristine, and Bob) (pyg1)
2. Mrs Higgins, Henry, Colonel Pickering and Eliza (Denise, Greg, Kristine and Bob) (pyg2)
3.At the opera (pyg3)
4.Henry, Colonel Pickering and Eliza.(Bob, Greg and Kristine) (pyg4)
5. Henry takes notes as Pickering puts Eliza through an exercise (Kristine, Greg and Bob) (pyg5)
6.Henry and Eliza make their grand entrance(Greg and Kristine)(pyg6)
7.Eliza works on elecution while Henry and Pickering watch(Greg, Bob and Kristine)(pyg7)
8.Mr. Doolittle looks for payment from Henry and Pickering(Greg, Bob and Brad)(pyg8)
9.Mrs. Higgins, Henry and Pickering(Greg, Denise, and Bob)(pyg9)
10.Eliza demonstrates her social skills for Mrs. Eynsford-Hill and Mrs. Higgins (Kristine, Jane and Denise)(pyg10)