The Odd Couple

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The first play of the 2003 season. Run: June 17 - July 6

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files OC#.tif and jpg files OC#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below. The black and white tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (B&W). The color tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (color).
1. (Act I) Brown and Green Sandwiches (Tim, Bill, Tom, Jim, and Don)(OC1)
2.(Act I) Oscar playing cards with the boys (Tim, Bill, Tom, Jim, and Don)(OC2)
3.(Act I) Oh my stomach!(Tim, Will, Bill, Tom, Jim, and Donald) (OC3)
4.(Act II) Oscar and Felix in the "face off" around the table. (Tim and Will) (OC4)
5.(Act II) Oscar and Felix. Oscar is relaxing in chair in his shorts, posed in closer is Felix with the butler cleaning ashtrays. (Tim and Will) (OC5)
6 (Act II) "Put down that spoon!" Oscar a bit undone (posed) in shorts OK, tie undone Felix in apron w/ladel (Tim and Will)(OC6)
7. Posed Showing of the living room. (Carmen, Amy and Will) (OC7)
8. (Act II)Is everyone happy?! Felix on sofa in-between girls (Carmen, Amy, Tim and Will) (OC8)
9. (Act II) Death of the London broil. (Carmen, Amy, Tim and Will) (OC9)

Tech Shots

1. Act III Tell hime to stay(OCT1)
2. Act III Goodbye Francis, Goodbye Blanch(Tim, Will, Bill,Jim, Don and Tom)(OCT2)
3. Act III You're packed (Tim and Will) (OCT3)
4. Act III Spray in Linunie (Tim and Will)(OCT4)
5. ActII Scene 1 The handing out of the napkins (Tim, Will, Tom, Bill, Jim and Don) (OCT5)
6.Act I The line up at the John (Tim, Bill, Jim, Don and Tom) (OCT6)
7. Act I The chase is on ... trying to catch Felix (Tim, Bill, Jim, Don, Will and Tom) (OCT7)
8. Act I The Grab (Tim, Bill, Jim, Don, Will and Tom)(OCT8)