The Lion in Winter

The 2nd play of the 1999 season.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files liw#.tif and jpg files liw#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.

Photo List

(Act II)1.Opening tableau of 3 princes(Tom, Joe, and Alan) (liw1)
2. (Act I) John in chair with Philip and Geoffrey by his side. (Joe, David and Alan) (liw2)
3.(Act II)Elenor in Henry's arms (Greg and Carmen) (liw3)
4.(Act II)You know enough.(Greg and Carmen) (liw4)
5. (Act II) Alais and Eleanor in an embrace (Carmen and Kate) (liw5)
6.Act(I)Remember I taught you numbers-Richard embraces Elenor(Tom and Carmen)(liw6)
7.(Act I) Full Group 1(everyone)(liw7)
7a.(Act I) Full Group 2(everyone)(liw7a)