It Runs in the Family

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Photo List

(Act II)1.Hellow Dad! Hubert on Leslie's lap pointing to Mortimore and Nurse Tate (Tom Mula, Greg Joe and Sarah) (irf1)
2. (Act II) Connolly Ole Man! Connolly in dress "flirting" with Dr. Mortimore while Huber looks on from sofa. (Alan, Greg and Tom Mula) (irf2)
3.(Act II)Hubert on sofa while Matron leans over to "attack" him (Tom Mula and Susan) (irf3)
4.(Act II)Two matrons being questioned by the police with Mr. Leslie listening.(Tom Kell, Tom Mula, Greg Vinkler and Bob Thompson) (irf4)
5. (Act II) There's no one else to help me. Mortimore is pleading with Hubert while Leslie and Matron struggle on ledge(Greg, Tom Mula, Joe and Susan) (irf5)
6.Act(I)Leslie holding back the crowd with a tree(Joe, Alan, Tom Mula, Greg and Amy)(irf6)
7.(Act I) Huber singing while Drake and Mortimore look on dumbfounded(Tom Mula, Brad & Greg)(irf7)
8.(Act I) Leslie grabbing Mortimore(Joe and Greg)(irf8)