Funny Money

The 3rd play of the 1996 season.

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Photos are stored as tif files fm#.tif and jpg files fm#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
1.Davenport trys to sooth Jean(Greg and Megan) (fm1)
2. Everyone loves the guy with the money. (Greg, Brad and Tom) (fm2)
3.Slater sees Henry, Davenport and Vic under the covers (hiding the goods) (Greg, David, Tom and Brad) (fm3)
4.Bill calls while Betty and Henry look on and try to stop him from spilling the beans.(Greg, Amy and Bob) (fm4)
5. They think they are busted (Greg, Tom and Alan) (fm5)
6. Where's the money.(Greg)(fm6)