Dames at Sea

The first play of the 2002 season. Run: June 19 - July 7

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1. Act II - Star Tar (Ben, Kurt, Angie, Mindy & Linda)
2a.Act II - Ruby and the umbrellas (only Ruby and umbrellas-no other people)(Mindy)
(Dames 2745)
2b.Act II - Ruby and the umbrellas with others (Mindy and cast)
3.Act II - Capt. Dick and Monea, pulling this way and that. (Cathy, Ben and Tom)
(Dames 2750)
4.Act II - Captain, Lucky, Dick and mops (Kurt, Tom and Ben)
5.Act I - Joan & Lucky Choo-Choo (Angie and Kurt)
6.Act I - It's you - Dick and Ruby (Ben and Mindy)
7.Act I - Man of Mine on Piano (Cathy)
8.Act I - Joan conducting group on stairs (Angie,Mindy, Linda, Kurt, Ben, Tom)
Final intern group shot (group2731)
1. …mister preacher and you (final wedding positions)
2. …Oh captain, oh captain, we have a complaint sir!(Dames at Sea)
3. …semifore until he signals SOS(Dames at Sea)
4a. …it's beating a wild tatoo. (the Beguine) whole set
4b. …it's beating a wild tatoo. (the Beguine) close up
5. …Good times are here to stay! (leaning back w/brick toss)
6. …I'm absolutely famished!
7. Wall Street
8.Candid of cast shot being shot! (only in jpg and 300DPI)