A…My Name is Alice

The 4th play of the 1989 season. The lab had trouble with the Tungsten film so only two turned out. I filled in with the black and white shots.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files aa#.tif and jpg files aa#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
1.Alexandra (aa1)
2. Cast (Alexandra, Amy, Adjora, Ami and Laura) (aa2)
3.Alexandra, Adjora, Amy and Laura (aa3)
4.(Act II)Honeypot.(Laura and Amy) (aa4)
5. The Band (David Wohl, John W. Tuck and Rich Janicki (not in order) (aa5)
6.Act(II)Hot Lunch(Anjora and Alexandra)(aa6)
7.(Act I) Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson(Alexandra and Ami)(aa7)
8.(Act I) Emily the M.B.A.(Alexandra, Anjora, Amy and Laura)(aa8)
9.(Act II) Pretty Young Men(Laura, Alexandra and Ami)(aa9)