A Man For All Seasons

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The second play of the 2003 season. Run: July 9 - July 20

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Photos are stored as tif files mfas#.tif and jpg files mfas#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below. The black and white tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (B&W). The color tif files are stored in the directory labeled 200 DPI TIF (color).

Photo Index

1. (Act II) The Trial ("prisoner is perverting the law" (Josh,Tim, and Tom)(mfas1)
2.(Act II) "Are you threatening me?" (Tim, Bill, Tom, Jim, and Don)(mfas2)
3.(Act II) More questened by Cromwell (Greg and Tim) (mfas3)
4.(Act II) Norfolk with Thomas's Chain of office "trouble up north" (Tim and Greg) (mfas4)
4a.(Act II) Norfolk pushes More (Tim and Greg) (mfas4a)
5.(Act I) "You are my friend" Henry and More (Jim and Greg) (mfas5)
6 (Act I) I want my supper (Carmen, Greg and Cass)(mfas6)
7.(Act I) Wolsey and the dispatch from Spain (Greg and Bob) (mfas7)
8. (Act I)Roper's proposal (Greg, Joe and Cass) (mfas8)
9. (Act II) Chapuys brings letter to Moore (Greg, Don, Cass and Carmen) (mfas9)
10. (Act I)I wasn't asleep old fox" (Carmen and Greg) (mfas10)
11. (Act I) Bill as Common man with oar. (Bill) (mfas11)
12. (Act I) King by himself (Jim) (King)

Tech Shots

1. Cast Shot(mfasT1)
2. (Act II) Final Image (Greg, Jim, Carmen and Bill (plus others))(mfasT2)
3. (Act II) Alice is carried away (Greg, Carmen, Jim and Bill) (mfasT3)
4. (Act II) I married a lion (Greg and Carmen)(mfasT4)
5. (ActII) Family visit in cell (Greg, Cass, Carmen, and Joe) (mfasT5)
6. (Act II) Crammer, Is that what you are not sure of - w/paperwork(Greg, Will, Tom, Tim and Bill as Guard) (mfasT6)
7. (Act I) Cromwell's meeting with Rich (Josh and Tom) (mfasT7)
8. (Act I) "Employ me" - Rich on knees (Joe, Cass, Greg and Josh)(mfasT8)
9. (Act I) Roper, Margret and Moore(Greg, Joe, and Cass) (mfast9)
10. (Act I)Henry - "Blow Margret" (Jim, Cass, Tim, Carmen, Greg) (mfast10)
11. (Act I) "Beware of Diplomats" (Josh, Don, Tom and Matt) (mfast11)
12. Act I "Hows your wife boatman" (Greg and Bill) (mfast12)
13. (Act I) King and Thomas (Jim and Greg) (mfast13)