I Hate Hamlet

The 1st play of the 1993 season.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files ihh#.tif and jpg files ihh#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
1.Sťance to bring back John Barrymore(Cynthia, Caitlin, Peggy, and David) (ihh1)
2. Andrew trys to learn his part in Hamlet with Deirdre while Barrymore looks on amused.(David, Cynthia and Greg) (ihh2)
3.Gary talks to Andrew about sports and other things (David and Brad) (ihh3)
4.Andrew fails at Hamlet and the ghost of Barrymore comes back to take him on with swords(David and Greg) (ihh4)
5. Andrew and Barrymore discuss Hamlet (David and Greg) (ihh5)
6.Barrymore dances with Lillian(Greg and Caitlin)(ihh6)
7.Barrymore "knights" Andrew after he turns down the new TV show to do more Shakespeare.(David and Greg)(ihh7)
8.Andrew tries to seduce Dierdre(Cynthia and David)(ihh8)