Dial M for Murder

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The second play of the 2015 season. Run: July 8 - July 26

Photos are stored as tif files DialM#.tif and jpg files DialM#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below. When ordering please specify the number. If you want picture DialM3, order DialM3.


Directed by Joe Foust
Margot Wendice Katherine Keberlein
Max Halliday Matt Holzfeind
Tony Wendice Jay Whittaker
Captain Lesgate Neil Friedman
Inspector Hubbard Tim Monsion
Thompson Peter Brian Kelly
Williams Matt Super

Photo List

1a.(posed)Tony enjoying a cocktail in his Tux(Jay)(DialM1a)

1b.(posed)Tony enjoying a cocktail in his Tux(Jay)(DialM1b)

2.(Act I)The attack (Neil and Katherine)(DialM2)

3. (Act II)Max and Hubbard talking to Toney - posed( Matt, Tim, Jay) (DialM3)

4.(Act II)Are you coming? Inspector Hubbard to Tony (Jay and Tim)(DialM4)

5.(Act II)Inspector Hubbard with Max and Margot (Matt, Tim, and Katherine)(DialM5)

6 Tony to Capt. Lesgate…"It all became crystal clear" (Jay and Neil)(DialM6)

7.(Act I)Have fun storming the castle! Tony walking Max and Margo to door. (Katherine, Matt and Jay) (DialM7)

8. (Act 1)Max and Margo worried about being found out…(Tom, Sean G., Kristine, Erica, Matt) (DialM8)

9 (Act I)Toney, Margo, Max, Inspector - posed (Katherine, Matt, Jay, Tim)(DialM9)

10 Cast shot with director (Jay, Joe, Matt, Katherine, Tim, Neil, Petter, Matt) (DialM10)

Tech Shoot

1.(Act 2)Final show tableau (Tim, Matt Super, Peter, Katherine, Matt) (DialMT1)

2. (Act 2)Tony checking label in raincoat. (Tim, Jay, Katherine, Matt)(DialMT2)

3. (Act 2)Where's Tony? Margot's garden entrance.(Peter, Katherine, Tim, Matt)(DialMT3)

4. (Act 2)The first clue came by accident (Tim, Matt, Katherine)(DialMT4)

5a. (Act 1.4) She received these two notes.(Matt, Katherine,Tim)(DialMT5a)

5b. (Act 1.4) (Act 1.4) She received these two notes.(Matt, Katherine,Tim)(DialMT5b)

6. (Act 1.3)Where is Max?(Jay, Neil, Katherine)(DialMT6)

7a. (Act 1)Capt. Lesgate with sissors and Tony checking.( Joel, Neil)(DialMT7a)

7b. (Act 1)Tony on the phone while Lesgate is checking the place out in dim lights(Jay, Neil)(DialMT7b)

8. (Act 1) Under the fifth step. (Jay and Neil)(DialMT8)

9. Reviewing the clippings of the Maha Rahjia.(Jay, Katherine, Matt) (DialMT9)

10. Tony placing the fur stoll on Margot (Jay, Katherine, Matt) (DialMT10)