A Few Good Men

The 3rd play of the 1999 season.

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Photo Index

Photos are stored as tif files cd#.tif and jpg files cd#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.

Photo List

(Act I)1.Ruella showing Phoebe the paper(Carmen and Kate) (cd1)
2. (Act I) You have Rache's hair. Reece behind Poopay who has her legs over the arm of the chair(Kate and David) (cd2)
3.(Act II)Where did you get this? Jessica and Harold questioning Ruella.(Joel, Amy and Carmen) (cd3)
4.(Act II)Cover the feet! Phoebe and Harold with laundry cart. (Joel, Kate and someone's feet) (cd4)
5. (Act II) Julian has grabed Ruella (Tim and Carmen)(cd5)
6.Act(I)Reece and Phoebe looking over photos (David and Kate)(cd6)
7.(Act I) Julian taking Poopay's coat. (Tim and Kate)(cd7)
8.(Act I) Phoebe, Jessica and Ruella toasting(Kate, Amy, and Carmen)(cd8)