Brighton Beach Memoirs

The 4th play of the 1984 season.

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Photos are stored as tif files bbm#.tif and jpg files bbm#.jpg, where # is the number listed in front of the description below.
1.Eugene and Stanley work on their radio play. (Skip and Rich) (bbm1)
2. Eugene drops something under the table while (l-r)Kate, Nora, Blanche, Jack, Stanley and Laurie look with surprise. (Jean, Pam, Vicki, Dennis, Rich, Tara and Skip) (bbm2)
3.Nora practices dance exercise while Laurie and Blanche watch.(Tara, Pam, and Vicki) (bbm3)
4.Blanche has an arguement with Kate while Jack looks on.(Vicki, Dennis and Jean) (bbm4)
5. Eugene works on a script in his bed.(Skip) (bbm5)