Reenactment of First Play at Original Site

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On July 24, 2008 The Peninsula Players staged a reenactiment of scenes from Noel Coward's Hay Fever first presented on July 25, 1935 at the original site. This was part of the Town of Gibraltar Sesquicentennial celebration. The scenes were directed by Tim Monsion and featured Erica Elam, Maggie Carney and Alan Kopischke.

1 rehersal
(Maggie, Alan, Erica) (Photo Id BB1)
2 rehersal
(Alan, Erica, Maggie)
Photo Id BB2
3 some familar faces
Photo Id BB3
4 biking in saves gas and loses calories.
Photo Id BB4
5 Greg Vinkler's introduction with painting of woman who offered her motel's backyard for the first play.
Photo Id BB5
6 The play begins.
Photo Id BB6
7 Photo Id BB7
8 Photo Id BB8
9 Photo Id BB9
10 Woman who not only saw the first play, but the whole first season of the players.
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11 Photo Id BB11
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